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Languages: English Language for teachers

English for teachers focuses on teachers or to be teachers teaching subjects besides English which needs command over the English Language. In todays world subjects like Mathematics, Social studies, Science all requires strong spoken English. Teachers with good command in spoken English is the demand of the current time. 

The course is divided into 2 levels and all in all focuses on speaking skills which means throughout the course the class will be involved in speaking English rigorously with the help of resources from all over the world made for speaking.


Course Content in Brief



  • Reading out everyday lessons
  • Reading out Articles 
  • Reading out news
  • Group discussion



  • Articles
  • Notes
  • memos
  • speeches 
  • essays 




  • Listening to public speeches
  • Listening to meetings
  • Listening to international teaching practices 




  • Reading articles prepared by public figures
  • Reading articles printed in newspaper
  • Reading to scholarly articles 



Course Duration of each level: 5 days a week / 6 weeks 

Course Timings:     Flexible for groups

Course fees:           8,500/-